Carmel ‘Arack’ Neutral Spirit


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Its colour is plain white, and at first nosing its full of anise and slightly burnt notes. A little less exuberant than Turkish raki or Greek ouzo, Id say. Some quite unpleasant off-notes, but I guess this one has to be drunk with a lot of water anyway. Lets try it neat for the moment… Yes, the palate is much better than the nose, even when tasted naked. The fact is, these anise-flavoured liquors are not meant to be nosed… Same with French pastis, anisette, or even absinthe. Anyway, its quite enjoyable. A lot of vivacity and some complex fruity notes like lemon, tangerine, melon make their way through the anise. Yes, very good when neat, but lets add a few drops of water… As expected, it becomes somewhat translucent, but not completely milky like pastis, ouzo or raki. Very refreshing! I like it very much… Oops, I emptied the full glass! I told you it was good… 75 points.


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