Compass Box ‘Orangerie’ Scotch Whisky


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Made of sweet, rich 10 year-old Scotch whisky infused with fresh orange peels and spices.Compass Box Tasting Notes: The fresh, bright orange aromas bring a surprised smile to people’s faces. On the palate, it is dry, yet redolent of fruit mingling with the sweetness of top-notch whiskies. The vanilla flavours of the whisky complement perfectly the orange fruit. The spices add extra layers of complexity, and it all finishes with a satisfyingly dry finish that calls you back to the glass.Compass Box Drinking Recommendations: Orangerie is an absolutely awesome match with chocolate, especially dark chocolates. To create a super-indulgent finish to a winter meal, serve Orangerie slightly chilled (in small liqueur glasses) and match it with a dark chocolate dessert or a passed plate of hand-made chocolates. Orangerie is also great for making cocktails.


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