Kahlua DrinkstoGo White Russians


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Category : Liquor
Sub Category : Cordials/Liqueurs
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Unit Size : 200 ML
Country : Other
Region : Other
Manufacturer : Kahlua
Brand : Pernod Ricard
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The Kahl?a White Russian is a ready-mixed drink made from a delicious blend of Kahl?a Original and vodka for a convenient take on the familiar favorite. Like Kahl?a Original, Kahl?a White Russian is crafted in Veracruz, Mexico, where the warm climate makes for light-bodied, well-rounded 100% Arabica coffee beans, just one of several high-quality ingredients which go into the world’s best-selling coffee liqueur. A delicious mix of smooth Kahl?a Original, sweet cream, and vodka, Kahl?a White Russian has sweet beginnings and a warm aftertaste, for a deliciously smooth drinking experience. Kahl?a White Russian is a refreshing, well-balanced drink, pairing the delicate caramel and vanilla bean notes of Kahl?a Original with vodka and cream. A glass of ready-mixed Kahl?a White Russian offers the sophistication and class of a White Russian with the convenience of a premixed, ready-to-drink beverage. The Kahl?a White Russian is 21.5% ABV, and is best served over ice.


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