Los Amantes Mezcal Reposado


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mezcal Category:Reposado (Double Distillation)mezcal Brand:Los Amantes MezcalProduction process:ArtisanalRegion of elaboration:Tlacolula de Matamoros, OaxacaAlcohol Degrees:40% Alc. Vol.Product Description:Doubly distilled mezcal rested in French oak barrels for periods of six to eight months. The aromas are accented with wood, without losing the characteristic tones seen in our young mezcal with the addition of coffee and caramel aromas; to the palate there are more identifiable pronounced woody notes with some astringency, rounder as a whole.It basically involves the cutting of the maguey (capons), cooking in a stone and wood oven, grinding in a stone mill moved by horse, natural fermentation in wooden tubs, simple distillation (double distillation), resting in new barrels.


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