Ri Whsky-Rye 750Ml


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Category : Liquor
Sub Category : Whiskey
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Unit Size : 750 ML (Standard)
Country : United States
Region : Other
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(rī)1 (pronounced rye one) is a Kentucky straight rye whiskey produced by Beam Global Spirits. This rye whiskey is a quite a bit different from the traditional rye in that it is lighter and sweeter but retains that spicy snap. Despite its confusing name (rī)1 is a good whiskey and a nice addition to Beam’s portfolio. It does have some great cocktail potential and I can see it being used for its unique profile by bartenders to create some interesting new whiskey cocktails. Tasting Notes:(rī)1 has a very sweet, citrus aroma with grainy background. Has an extremely smooth entry that leads to a dry, sunny sweet and sour palate with spicy notes and a very light rye. The finish is long and continuously sweet with very light spice throughout.


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