Seagrams Distillers Reserve Gin


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Category : Liquor
Sub Category : Gin
Varietal :
Unit Size : 1.75 L (Large)
Country : United States
Region : Other
Manufacturer : Seagram
Brand : Pernod Ricard
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Although this particular variety of Seagram’s gin was only introduced 2006, the Seagram’s brand has been on the shelves since 1939 and was the leading spirits marketer in the United States by the 1950s. Each batch of Seagram’s Distiller’s Reserve Gin is expertly crafted by the master distiller, who personally selects only the richest, most aromatic botanical essences to include. The best batches are then blended together to create a masterpiece worthy of his seal of approval. Notes of juniper, spice, and citrus give Seagram’s Distiller’s Reserve Gin its distinctive taste and aroma. Enjoy it either neat or on the rocks, or try it in a martini, gin and tonic, or any other favorite gin-based cocktail.


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