Wigle’S Ginever Gin


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Dutch-style Gin, or Genever, was the original Gin. For the first 600 years of gin making, Gin was made from whiskey in a copper pot still. The invention of modern industrial still, which produces vodka very efficiently, shifted the world Gin market from this original, expensive to make Dutch-Style Gin to the British-Style, vodka based Gin that lines the shelves today. Inspired by a 19th century Pennsylvanian Distillers recipe, we are working to bring back this lost gem of distillation. With a grain mash of rye, wheat and malted barley, and a complex family of botanicals, Wigle’s Ginever is rounder and fuller than modern gins. Juniper berries remain forefront but are joined by a number of other botanicals including earthy cardamom, peppery cubeb and fragrant lavender to create a layered flavor experience. As with all Wigle products, this handcrafted spirit is made from scratch in our copper pot still in very small batches, using only organic ingredients and local, heirloom grains.Perfect for whiskey and gin lovers alike. 750 mlCritical Acclaim”This blend of unaged whiskey, quirky botanicals and applied history fits neatly into Wigle’s MO. …Smooth enough to be sipped on the rocks like a whiskey, but also blends nicely in a simple cocktail like a Gin Fizz.”– Pittsburgh City Paper”Wigle has taken a bold step…to define this new type of gin. I consider Wigle’s Ginever to be among a different category of gin altogether.”– The Gin is InA “gin with a supple body richer than most, one that gin diehards would have no problem sipping on the rocks, taking in the bright botanicals. And it’s those botanicals that make a mean martini with just a quick rinse of vermouth and a twist.”– Philadelphia City PaperAwardsSilver Medal, Washington Cup CompetitionBronze Medal, New York International Spirits CompetitionBronze Medal, San Francisco Spirits CompetitionBronze Medal, American Craft Spirits Association


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